We identify opportunities to enhance the hiring process
using fewer resources and time.

Get us to handle the technical part of filling a DevOps job,
and find with accuracy someone for specific needs.


IT infrastructure isn't costly, finding the right people, is.

Why do we care?

DevOps culture is growing fast and is developing new needs in the hiring process, we know there is a gap in the recruiting process and the need of a headhunter for an element to survive enough.

Why we develop?

Traditional recruiting is no longer valid when you talk about hiring someone for a DevOps team, landing a position like this can cost you not just money, but you and your employees precious time.

How we execute?

We deeply analyse the vacant you have, the technologies needed for, and give you a test to aply to all your finds, you get the top results within your current filters and voilá, you have a perfect match.

Our Tools

Each One solves specific problems, we use them as a whole to offer an integral solution in the hiring process. We've created a cycle that fill the gaps in the current hiring sistem.

Arena Hive

-HH.RR testing tool-

This tool is a bridge between HH.RR and the DevOps job, at present, this position it’s increasingly demanding and the amount of skills and languages to fulfill a DevOps position varies in each company.
Stop wasting time for those who do technical interviews.

Arena Ludus

-DevOps training platform-

Our main purpose with this platform is to increase the oportunities of gain experience and look for better job opportunities for the people who have the interest talent and passion for. We want to help to complete profiles with what the current companies are looking for in such a demanding position.

Arena Doctrine

-PAAS educational oriented-

With our educational purposes on mind and the way teaching is changing Arena wants to replicate what we know works and go beyond one path.
Doctrine give us the oportunity to move vertically, and give others the oportunity to grow in whatever direction wants to grow.

Our successful DevOps Cycle

Let us analyse the position

Tell us what the chores are and we find the best test for you to apply to your finds.
Better match, better development, better performance. As result you get the most
of your matches with no need of technical IT knowledge.

Test your finds with Arena Hive

We help you to improve the selection process, with ARENA HIVE you can reduce
your options by capabilities, now it’s up to you to choose the best person, no
worries about the skills to manage the job challenges.

Find people ready for the run.

ARENA LUDUS is full of people trainig real job tasks every day with the most
common technologies, and are already tested, just choose the most atractive
profile, and save even more time, can also be used to upgrade learning
knowledge of employees in other reas with ARENA DOCTRINE.


Let us help you with te technical part

Facts about the problems we solve

Lack of human force

México went from 4th to 5th worldwide ranking in the outsourcing destination place and has been aiming for the 3rd place by 2024 since 2012.

Wrong Described Positions

Most of our study cases have a vague description of the requested technologies and this happens in the HHRR department.


México have privileged access to 45 countries and an advantageous geographical position wich improves the conditions for nearshoring.

HH.RR with no IT skills

HH.RR department needs to add specialized staff with this knowledge in order to make better filters.

Narrow Opportunities

Although close to 110,000 IT professionals graduate every year, in México, job opportunities are reduced due to lack of experience.

México in the Cloud

Mexico is one of the main markets of Latin America to invest in cloud computing technologies.

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